The First Water-Cooled GPU powered Data Center in the Region, and 26th in the World

SRTIP, Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation Park, is a gateway to innovation in the MENA Region and at the forefront of driving an innovation ecosystem to develop products from a process of tech transfer.  

Research, tech development or tech deployment of 4th industrial revolution technologies requires a High-Performance Compute platform. Maahr is the HPC data centre in SRTIP that facilitates the development of tech to Sharjah and the whole of the UAE. 

Maahr is the hardware and software platform to enable government departments, private business, and research institutions to develop and deploy tech, with the addition of the data remaining in the UAE (Data Sovereignty).

Maahr Benefits

1.1 PUE –Based on Water Cooled technology for Sustainability

Massive high-performance storage – 3.2 PB

Secure (Data stay inside country) Data Sovereignty

Optimized Network & scalable

Powered by the most advanced GPUs – NVIDIA A100 – 64 each with 80 GB

Delivered from a Tier III ready data center at SRTIP 

Maahr – HPCaas – Pay as you use

1.3pflops and 1680 cores of compute in Maahr

Maahr HPCaaS Vs On-Premise HPC 

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